A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

I was reading the news this morning on the CBC website and at every turn I was reminded of our government’s seeming helplessness. After giving it some thought though, I realized that the helplessness is entirely intentional. A side effect of our societies fixation on short term thinking, both in the business arena as well… Continue reading »


Taking Sustainability Seriously

With the coinage of ‘sustainable development,’ the defenders of the unsteady state have won a few more years’ moratorium from the painful process of thinking. – Garrett Hardin Sustainability is serious business. Just ask BMW and their new i brand of sustainable vehicles, You would have to agree that they are beautifully engineered machines, but… Continue reading »


Bailing Out

Corporations in the world today are a peculiar beast. Depending how you look at them, they are either engines of progress and dispensers of opportunity or they are engines of destruction, bent on using up everything everywhere to produce more profit for more shareholders. The corporation has played a very large part, both in the… Continue reading »