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The #Occupy protests that are currently sweeping the world seem to have caught our masters off guard. The totally non-violent approach, brought to the elites by Gene Sharp, author of From Dictatorship to Democracy has already proven effective in some of the most repressive regimes of modern times. Will it work here, in the heartland of repression? Are there enough people who are aware enough of just how fucked we really are to form a critical mass for change? Probably not. One of the revolution’s greatest strengths is also one its greatest weaknesses. Countering the might of the massive propaganda machine with an unfocused, scattered message will ensure that no one will listen, no one will care. The fact that we live in a society where ignorance of the natural world and the very processes of life itself is considered normal and is actually encouraged by the elites who own our asses would almost seal the deal. Add in $70K a year to keep looking the other way and you pretty much guarantee it.

So what is the message anyway? Pretty much everything that I have been beaking off to anyone who will listen for the past five years. Peak Oil and the response to it that we have had forced down our throats. The environment, not just global warming, but the massive level of extinctions to plants and animals on every continent and all of the oceans. Social inequality, where some people eat mud pies, while others feast on the flesh of animals on the brink of extinction. Where in several of the richest countries in the world, the top 1% controls over 50% of all wealth and income. Where measures to ensure that people, especially children, are not starving are countered with rhetoric and the demonization of their disadvantages. The use of war as an economic tool, the ignoring of international law in the prosecution of war criminals, the ongoing devastation to the people and places of the world by the military’s of every nation. And the systematic looting of the wealth of the middle class and the consigning of all of us, our children, our grandchildren and their grandchildren to servitude, debt slavery as we transfer trillions of dollars of public money into the criminal banking system and the governments who are complicit in their crimes. For crime it was that brought down the economic system. And the criminals responsible, rather than face prosecution, were given gifts from the taxpayers. The subsequent flim flammery with the money supply has guaranteed that all of those hard working, Conservative voting, baby boomers who were too busy gloating over the fate of the drug addicted in Florida and labeling the protesters as drug addicts and lazy bums have had their retirements stolen, as they stubbornly continue to invest in the places their masters keep telling them to invest. A corporate controlled food system, with government once more complicit in the degradation of the quality and the quashing through onerous regulation of healthy alternatives of local suppliers of meat, poultry, dairy and real soon now, produce.

There are people in our culture who don’t see it. They think that everything is just hunky dory here. The poor belong in prison, the mentally ill belong in prison, people with brown skin belong in prison and if any of them anywhere actually manage to be in possession of something we want, well, we have many, many $100K bombs and the fighter jets to deliver them. Ask Canadians how they feel about the blood they collectively have on their hands from the ongoing obliteration of the city of Sirte, in Libya and you will be met with a blank stare. Ask Americans how they feel about irradiating most of the cities in Iraq with DU ammunition, how it feels to be complicit in the creation of a generation of Iraqis who are being born with massive deformations from the radiation and ask them how it feels to know that this is pretty much a permanent situation for them. The crickets are deafening. Ask anyone in the dominant culture in North America how they feel about the the ongoing genocide of the indigenous of this continent. Oh wait, those were last generation’s assholes, we can’t vilify the current generation for their depredations. Let’s stick to the current atrocities that we can collectively ignore.

Resource depletion, environmental degradation, poverty, war, slavery, food, shelter, pretty much everything that the elites have figured out how to require a profit from. This is what the protests are about, in my opinion.

All of these can be treated as symptoms. And that is exactly what we do, we treat the symptoms, but we never, ever, look at the root causes. Because if we did, we would have to admit just exactly how flawed the the current system is. We would have to admit how complicit we in the west have been in the disaster that is Africa, the devastation we have wrought on the natural world everywhere and we would have to change. Industrial civilization specifically, but especially the fascist system the elites have created since WWII (ever wonder why so many Nazi’s made it into the US without prosecution?) If we do not change the system, we will kill the planet. If we do not change the system, resource depletion will guarantee the violent deaths of billions of people. If we do not change the system they, the psychopaths in charge, will contrive a way to keep the 99% working for their benefit. They are the true parasites on society, the 1% who live like Gods on the proceeds of other people’s labour, who pull the strings behind the scenes and control the public agenda. Who own the majority of the shares in the largest international corporations, who control the central banks and the economies of most of the countries of the world.

The protestors want meaningful work, a society where all people are valued and the community acts to look after those who need help. They want a society where the government is actually on the side of the people. They want a society that isn’t controlled by the 1% and their corporate proxies. They want a world where all people are treated with respect and you can breathe the air and drink the water. They want to be able to eat the food and not get diabetes, heart disease and cancer from it. They are people who want to occupy their lives.

As it ever was…

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