An excellent excuse to have multiple study locations.

An excellent excuse to have multiple study locations.

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Change Up Your Study Spaces for Better Recall
It seems like age-old advice to find a quiet, clean space and stick with it to do real studying. But cognitive scientists are finding that varying your environment while trying to learn helps you retain knowledge.

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  1. Practically Sustainable
    Practically Sustainable says:

    Studying outside is supposed to engage all of the senses, increasing recall later. And it's fresher than a cubicle, IMO.

  2. Edward Morbius
    Edward Morbius says:

    I've noticed, usually listening to NPR which will often repeat programs, that on the second listening, not only will I recall the first, but the circumstances of it.  Especially if that involved driving (scenery, weather, location, and other aspects).

    Other vivid memories of mine are very strongly tied to place, especially if they involved travel (or even just getting out and about the town).

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