We can all use a bit of escapism from time to time

Disclaimer: This is an article from one of our local papers, that I happen to run the website for and that my wife happens to write for. 

The story is about an artist from our community. Make sure you check out the etsy page to see her work.

"The steampunk future is a positive place—unlike the future so many of us envision in the face of global warming and industrial devastation. It sees humans using technology to do wonderful things. Pam admits it is basically escapism. People who despair over the foreseeable future may choose an imaginary alternative future that is not so destructive."

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Underside Witch Works
For someone who embraces an essentially urban subculture, Pamela Gaw lives way the hell and gone up a dirt road. Her studio, Underside Witch Works, otherwise known as the kitchen table, is covered …

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