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  1. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    We seem to be in the pause between acts. There have been no major disasters in weeks, months maybe. Gather strength and make sure your roof is tight.

  2. Edward Morbius
    Edward Morbius says:

    +John Poteet I don't know about you, but Egypt and Syria count as something in my book.

    Though the big shift would be something happening in, say, Saudi Arabia or China.  Possibly Japan, EU, or US.

  3. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    +Edward Morbius Most of North Africa and the Middle East are pretty well terminally fucked. That includes Israel. 

    They have populations they cannot support with local agriculture and have limited assets and skills to trade for food. 

    Unless we're totally wrong and their rainfall climbs that is. 

    I count Egypt and Syria as climate change victims but the initiating strike was the loss of Russia's wheat crop a few years back. The bread riots are aftershocks.

  4. Edward Morbius
    Edward Morbius says:

    +John Poteet I'm still trying to work out the dynamics of Egypt and Syria.

    Weren't both minor oil producers?

    Clearly food (and water) are issues.

    For Egypt, I just read somewhere today, the nation basically made a deal through the Aswan Dam swapping electricity for food (damming the Nile stopped the regular floods and re-silting of the floodplain which makes agriculture along the Nile possible).

    There's also the Suez Canal, which remains hugely important in Asia-Europe shipping, including some oil.  Though I believe importance and significance may be falling.

  5. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    Fukushima is an ongoing disaster, the loss of albedo in the Arctic from snow melt and ice loss is a disaster for our food systems, the methane release from burning tundra is a disaster, fracking is a disaster, the continued focus on fossil energy worldwide is a disaster, 250,000+ new humans coming on board to suffer each day is a disaster.

    I don't think that there will ever be an intermission between now and collapse. Just wave after wave of insoluble problems that are overwhelming our culture's ability to continue sweeping them under the rug. The level of complexity required to solve any one of these disasters is simply unavailable to us.

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