The impact of Arctic cyclones on the sea ice is phenomenal. 

Look how the last few days match last year's cyclone event. A couple of days later and starting from a little bit higher concentration, but a remarkable correlation just the same.

Now we get to see just how much warmer the ocean beneath the ice is as the cyclone mixes the water and pushes the ice around.

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Arctic Sea Ice in Free Fall
Arctic Sea Ice has declined dramatically recently. The recent image below, by the Danish Meteorological Institute, shows the decline in extent over the past few days, with extent calculated by including all areas with ice con…

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  1. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    It will be interesting to see if this is supported by other measures. The arctic ice pack is doing very strange stuff this year. We'll have to see where it ends up and it may not be for several years before we know if the overall trend has accelerated or declined.

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