There is such a huge disconnect between television and the real world

I am finding that there is also quite a difference between what flows through my stream here and the real world. The new economy seems to be the overwhelming concern, where producing something real entails a writing a video game or programming an app.

The time to avert disaster was decades ago, yet the public believes technology is a source of energy as well as a solution to every conceivable problem, that economic growth is a prerequisite to living on Earth, and that anthropocentric climate change is still debatable, if not an outright lie. Our house is on fire and we’re still watching TV. The exit doors have all been super-glued shut with hopium and MSM propaganda. There is no place to run; the deathtrap is foolproof.

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Post-Apocalyptic Musings
Having conquered every last inch of Earth, humans now dream of spilling their burgeoning numbers out into distant planets, even whilst our own blue orb reels from climate chaos and our ever-growing…

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  1. Granite Rawson
    Granite Rawson says:

    +1 to that. I can't find the article now, but I read a piece a while back that I'll paraphrase. A woman who was a programmer had a rough go of things with deadlines and stress. She took a break from programming to help her boyfriend start his bakery. She found the the physical work rewarding, but it was so much more demanding than her previous job that she had no problems returning to programming. She realized how well paid programmers are for the work they do and the product they churn out. Anecdotal? You bet.

    I don't really program and I don't really bake, so I can't relate one way or the other. My stream is very science heavy and rarely reflects anything in my industry. I think few people post about their jobs on G+ (unless they're into tech, photography, or SEO). I like reading posts by academics, but I'd like to find more people who apply science in their field for practical solutions. I'm really guilty of not doing that, but my clients wouldn't be fond of me posting their business online. So I can appreciate when people post things related to their work, but not necessarily specific to their work.

  2. Richard Harlos
    Richard Harlos says:

    +Chris George wrote, "… there is also quite a difference between what flows through my stream here and the real world."

    This. A thousand times over.

    People talk about how amazing social networking is for connecting with others, but then the use such awesome connections primarily for vanity, business, and entertainment venues.

    The real problems of the world seem to get very little love here.

    Try to raise some of these significant issues and people will run as if from the plague. Excuses range from "I come online to get away from the stress of my life, job, etc.," to "I just want to surround myself with happy people and positive energy."

    So much me to indulge, and so little us to realize…

    it seems, to me, that I must be from another planet… that my presence here is either some sort of practical joke, or a form of punishment for some misdeed I committed on my home planet.

    Whatever I did to deserve this, trust me when I say that my misery has multiplied in spades. Whatever I did, I'm sorry. Sincerely.

    Now, please send a spaceship to take me home. Please.

  3. Granite Rawson
    Granite Rawson says:

    +Richard Harlos, what would you propose?

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