How much of the damage from not taking action should we lay at the feet of those…

How much of the damage from not taking action should we lay at the feet of those who cannot fathom the real world and have aggressively pursued a "do nothing strategy"?

What is the opportunity cost of destroying the biosphere?

Scientists are putting out the warning call that rapid, life-threatening climate change lies ahead in our near future—but most are drowned out by the political arguments and denialist rhetoric of climate change skeptics.

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Some Credible Scientists Believe Humanity Is Irreparably Close to Destruction | VICE Canada

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  1. Theo Fenraven
    Theo Fenraven says:

    I figure the majority of people are done for. There will be a huge die-off due to catastrophic climate change (which will alter the way food and water currently act on this planet). Some small pockets will survive… to start the damn mess all over again, because as history shows, humans refuse to learn.

  2. Undo Ando
    Undo Ando says:

    I think its not fully human fault as a whole. Human at large are directed to follow the system. The system are made by those who claim themself as scientist, industrialist and government. They do it in such a way that seems reliable and legit. They who lead the mass behaviour and point of view.
    More.. information about what's true or what false is twisted too since those on top, control the world media.
    This system creating this entertainment magic to keep us disctracted from the real issue of humanity and the world.
    The system keep us bussy pursuing career, lifestyle etc… we human keep up too much…
    Its not human false alone..
    Its the guiding force behind this system that worth to blame.

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