I look through my stream every day and wonder. 

There seem to be an awful lot of people who either don't think that this system is badly screwed or everyone is scared shitless that it is and they do not have a plan B.

So assuming that everything is not perfect now, and we can see that it isn’t, how are we blind to the suffering caused by our economic system? How are we encouraged to accept this suffering as normal and natural?

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Dear Capitalism, It’s not us, it’s you.
“The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas…” Karl Marx, The German Ideology (1945) Jack is a 25 year old serf in England in the 13th century.  Recently, he has been feelin…

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  1. Jeff Jockisch
    Jeff Jockisch says:

    People prefer to think that 40% of the country is lazy rather than question a system that they think is perfect and unchanged.

  2. bill camp
    bill camp says:

    great article.  greed in action.

  3. Eve A
    Eve A says:

    It's because they see themselves alone, not as a group. If they saw themselves as a group of individuals that face a similar, if not the same, fate, they would unite.

  4. Michael Carlson
    Michael Carlson says:

    It's a distraction. We always argue this vs. that in some vain attempt to make things perfect. The flaw is in humanity, not it's seeming inability to adopt some persons idea of the right system.

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