It sounds more like a social problem than an economic problem

I guess that is what happens when you define everything in terms of money. Eventually everything begins to look like an economic problem.

Even in economic hard times, the United States already has an economy that produces the equivalent of over $190,000 for every family of four. At some point we must ask when enough is enough. Although the economy has steadily been producing more goods and services in less time with less effort, most workers' wages have largely stagnated and work hours have increased for the past four decades.

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What Then Can I Do? Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy
Here are ten ways one person can help move our society down the path toward a more democratic, equal and ecologically sustainable future.

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  1. Katherine Schock
    Katherine Schock says:

    +Chris George Excellent post, lots of participatory ways to promote an economy that works for the working person!

  2. Racer Pups
    Racer Pups says:

    A Democracy is where 20 Wolves and 19 Sheep vote on what to have for dinner.

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