A Facebook comment from a woman who lives in South Dakota about the snowstorm and…

A Facebook comment from a woman who lives in South Dakota about the snowstorm and the cows.

Re: the cattle/storm-you might have to dig just a little, but no, we did NOT have much warning-until the day before, the forecast was for rain, then for a little snow, then quite a bit of snow. What we got blew all of that away. The cattle were grazing on summer pastures, not yet moved to winter pastures where there are shelters and draws for them to take cover, and which also takes at least a week. Also, they had not yet grown their winter coats. That snow came down fast, heavy, and wet. Trees started coming down only a few hours after it started snowing. This is climate chaos, not just a blizzard. This kind of storm is normal in January, when it is cold and the snow is much drier. This was spring, mountain snow coming down on full foliage, revealing dead and rotting trees that you will definitely not be reading about anywhere.

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  1. miri dunn
    miri dunn says:

    my goodness! :-( "climate chaos" indeed

  2. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    Dang Rossby Waves again. Sounds like Colorado but with snow.

  3. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    In 24 hours they got 37", along with 70mph winds and tornadoes. In the middle of the night.

  4. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    That's a killing storm. You can get frozen beef on the hoof if they don't separated.

  5. Rebecca Hinckley
    Rebecca Hinckley says:

    She's an excellent descriptor, got it all just breezing through. Knows her business! Sorry too.

  6. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    20,000 plus dead cattle, no help for ranchers due to the shut down.


  7. miri dunn
    miri dunn says:

    quite a sad catastrophe

  8. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    The latest reports put dead cattle up over 75,000.

  9. miri dunn
    miri dunn says:

    my GAWD! And I have seen nothing of this on the news – this is the only mention of it I have seen 

    Mind you, I don;t read the news

  10. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    "The worst blizzard in recorded history of South Dakota just swept through the state. Tens of thousands of cattle are predicted dead and the much of the state is still without power. […] It has now been four days and no national news coverage."


  11. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    CNN has a piece on it: 

  12. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    The blizzard was on the 4th, the piece lamenting the media inattention was on the 8th and CNN finally got around to it on the tenth, almost a full week after the event.

    People do not want to hear about climate events unless they come from the other side of the world. The shareholders who stand to lose from any mitigation of global heating also own the media outlets charged with covering the "news". This is the inherent conflict.

  13. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    Frankly,South Dakota has the population of the City of San Francisco and it's far less interesting to most people. Also most people don't register snow in the Dakota's as unusual.  
    It's the amount of snow and the rapid approach of the storm that was unusual but that's harder to explain.

  14. TheBlack Box
    TheBlack Box says:

    Considering that we only are seeing the beginnings of climate chaos now, this is really scary stuff.

    We can't fix it (yet?) and so far we are not even able to stop making it worse.

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