People say we have never had it so good

I guess that really depends on who "we" is.

"And if you go back to Palaeolithic times, if you go back to Neolithic times, if you go back to antiquity and Medieval Europe, you will never see … twenty percent of a human race going to bed hungry every night. That's why you people are in this room, and that's why you people have committed your lives to restructuring our world view, re-thinking our lifestyle, and rebuilding the institutional framework of the Earth. That's what this is all about. Now. Where do we proceed?"

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An Afternoon With Jeremy Rifkin
An Afternoon With Jeremy Rifkin

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  1. Meg Tufano
    Meg Tufano says:

    How can we be cutting food stamps now? Because all those hungry people made a killing on the stock market today?

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