But we sure are creating shareholder value like mad

And harnessing innovation to improve efficiency, which will bring us to the end that much sooner.

Are we really that insane?

Our quenchless capitalism has driven us to the brink of ecological destruction. And our endless consumption has given way to the rampant industrialization of this beautiful planet. It has resulted in the poisoning of earth's precious waters, the extinction of innocent species, the destruction of our majestic forests, the genocide of future generations, the polluting of our air, and the desecration of our planet.

Daily Kos: The Boulevard Of Climate Catastrophe : Humanity’s Path To Perdition & The Moral Imperative To Act
The Climate Reality
We are hovering around 400 ppm for carbon in the atmosphere which is 50 ppm beyond the safe threshold; 350 ppm. The planet, as a result of CO 2 being pumped into the …

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  1. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    I think we're going to go extinct or get very close to it. We can't seem to shut down the idiots that are able to be manipulated by religious bigotry and racism. That leaves us without a majority willing to implement the changes needed.

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