I installed Sparky last night and did a full upgrade. Then I installed Pantheon, which broke my network. I now have a Upgrade System icon and a synaptic icon on a blank desktop and no network connection. I hard reset the computer and logged back in to LXQT. Still no network. I logged in to Openbox, no network

Cables are good, I can see my router and the router can see the internet. Every other computer in the house (4) work great.

Any ideas?


  1. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    /etc/resolv.conf is linked to /run/connman/resolv.conf, but that directory doesn't exist.

    I created the directory and added a resolv.conf containing the google open dns servers and I now have internet.

    It looks like the installer for pantheon deleted the directory, but not the soft link to resolv.conf.

    Let me know if you need more info.

  2. Pawel Pavroo
    Pawel Pavroo says:

    I found it too, check the known issues to fix it: http://sparkylinux.org/deepin-desktop-environment/

  3. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    Those links are both for deepin, not pantheon. I will be installing deepin later tonight.

  4. Pawel Pavroo
    Pawel Pavroo says:

    Opsss… my glasses are too dirty, sorry :)

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