The cheerleaders for the status quo always say 'It will be different this time'

For once, I am inclined to agree.

To believe that somehow our current situation is really different from prior civilizations with respect to the possibility of collapse is just wishful thinking. There is, of course, one difference with the current state of affairs and the consequences of collapse. In all other local civilization collapses the survivors had somewhere else to go where resources were still available. This time we are talking about the planet as a whole. There is nowhere else to go.

Question Everything: The Real State of the Union (and World)
The Formulaic SOTU You know the drill. The POTUS starts by spotlighting some highlights of what s/he thinks is going well in the US. Here are our strengths, as a country – Blah, blah, blah – look at us, we’re…


  1. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    Even most liberals don't want to face up to the true nature of our problem. The simple math of fossil fuel decline vs. population rise means that the economy must stagnate. The only "growth" is in the amount of whitewash we're willing to use to cover it up.

  2. Chris George
    Chris George says:

    We stopped maintaining infrastructure in exchange for a bit of real growth. The US alone is trillions behind. Roads, bridges, houses, neighbourhoods, cities; they are all falling apart. The rest is bookkeeping. We haven't really grown at all when you measure the amount of energy that is available to society for useful (non-fossil energy extraction related) work since 2000. That is changing as China and India ramp up coal power generation, but the developed economies are suffering with high cost/low EROEI energy sources due to their reliance on oil for transport. And these days, everything must move, by design. Tech bubble, real estate bubble, bald faced central planning and manipulation in finance, and the military always ready to fend off reality for just another quarter.

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