The Baltic graph gives much food for thought

No wonder governments are gutting science. If you don't have observations to explain, you can just make shit up and drive it to the bank.

Awakening the Horrors of the Ancient Hothouse — Hydrogen Sulfide in the World’s Warming Oceans
“Dead Cthulu waits dreaming…” H.P. Lovecraft In the 1930s, pulp horror writer H.P. Lovecraft penned tales of ancient monsters called Old Ones that, if awakened, would emerge to devour the world. …


  1. Tim Southernwood
    Tim Southernwood says:

    Horrific. Predicted. Seemingly inevitable.

  2. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    There will, inevitably, be a hydrogen sulfide boil up adjacent to a populated coast with associated mass death. Excuses will be made. Humans, as a species, are rather dim.

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