So what is your take on this?

Overpopulation or overconsumption?

Now, lets address the same situation (we are at the brink of running out!) but instead focus on overconsumption as the problem rather than overpopulation. Lets say that right now, altogether the people on this planet are over-consuming resources at a rate making us in danger of running out of resources. We can look at and attack issues of waste and resource misuse to address this problem. The richest among us would be required to clean up their acts.

Notes on Why I Think “Overpopulation” Should Become an Abandoned Term
I really, really, vehemently hate the term “overpopulation”. Other people are often shocked by this notion, particularly those who know me as an outspoken environmentalist. “Are you not concerned w…


  1. laurie corzett
    laurie corzett says:

    it's not overpopulation or overconsumption
    it's ignorant distribution and waste

  2. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    I still think the actual, long-term, carrying capacity of the planet is under 1 billion humans. Remove the ability to smooth over rough spots by shipping massive tonnes of food rapidly with fossil fuels and the population drops dramatically.

  3. John Poteet
    John Poteet says:

    I've done 3kwh per day measured with an electric kitchen in a two bedroom duplex including air conditioning but not gas heat. So a total of 6-8 Kwh/day in solar/wind plus biomass seems doable.

    My wild ass guess is that still gets us to maybe 80 million for the whole U.S. with strict conservation. It's a whole other equation for the half of humanity that lives within 1,000 miles of Shanghai though.

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