We need to be crystal clear on this designation

It is only a matter of time until they start labeling those who object in the West with it. Hell, my Minister of Industry already called me a radical.

Technically, in order to be a "terrorist", one must purposely create or set about creating terror in a population. But the term has become totally prostituted by governments, individuals and organizations using the term to their own advantage, especially since 2001. A government agency can merely claim an individual or group or organization is/are terrorists. But "terrorism" is in the eyes of the beholder. Afghans likely would be terrorized by night raids of their home by NATO soldiers, but Westerners don't call NATO a terrorist organization. Another example might be that Gaza and the West Bank seem to be supposedly loaded with terrorists, while Israel appears to have none, even though Israel has killed many more Palestinians than the reverse. This is a tricky one to find better terminology for, so maybe use of an adjective should always be encouraged, such as "US-claimed terrorist", "covert terrorists", etc. Or just minimize the use of "terrorist" and find more appropriate characterizations such as soldier, etc.

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Media Disinformation and the Use of "Words"
The mainstream media utilize many words and phrases in reporting that have been specifically chosen, either by the media or a source, to misrepresent or distort the contexts to which they are applied….

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