I am not sure how these places still exist

We bombed the crap out of Vietnam, Cambodia and others to keep the world safe for capitalism and yet we cannot shut down these communes? Think of the bad example of how fulfilling it can be to be human they are providing for our children. How can we expect people to participate in the wage slave economic system if the can turn on their TV and watch documentaries like this?

What? Oh, this is RT. Right. They can't turn on their TV and watch this. Or open a magazine or a newspaper. Whew. I am so glad we have a free and open press. Or pollution like this would get into our children's minds and then what?


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  1. John Poteet says:

    Our current set of economic laws are specifically designed to destroy this kind of resource sharing. Where communally owned lands exist and are recognized in the third world the U.S. and the IMF put pressure on governments to change their laws so that communal lands can be attached for the debts of individuals.

    If one of these people owns a share in the property and gets a large medical bill that share can be attached and an open sale forced to settle that debt. This is deliberately designed to force dependency on the cash economy.

  2. Chris George says:

    Any government in Latin America that has ever tried agrarian reform has learned their lessons at the hands of the CIA and the US Marines. The history of the Americas is truly a vale of tears and blatant use of force to back American economic domination.

  3. C R Campbell says:

    As long as they stay in their hole, I won't feel compelled to take up arms against them. (spit)

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