When businesses are faced with rapacious tax rates they are forced to reinvest in…

When businesses are faced with rapacious tax rates they are forced to reinvest in their businesses, to expand and create more jobs and more wealth. When tax rates fall it is profit time. They can take the cash, put it into insane things like derivatives that have no benefit to anyone other than the person with the cash.

Anyone with a speck of knowledge about human beings and how they act can see this in a heartbeat. Unfortunately that leaves out economists and politicians.

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  1. John Poteet says:

    Economics is no more of a science than astrology. Dig down deep enough into all the mathematical arcana the economists use to confuse laypeople and eventually you'll find some number that they simply plucked from thin air with no data to support it.

    The world's economist have been able to do almost nothing since 2008 except demand that those already facing poverty get less while the wealthy get more. Austerity. It never works. It didn't work in Argentina and it won't work in Greece.

  2. Chris George says:

    Economics can be a science if they stuck to their knitting. Science is supposed to be descriptive. Philosophy is the branch that is prescriptive. Science tells us what is. Philosophy tells us what ought to be.

    Economics can be a science. They need to stick to describing what they see, developing hypothesis about what that means and then making predictions to see if what they hypothesized about is true or not. But they don't. They insist on "must" and "should".

  3. John Poteet says:

    When economics gets distracted by money it gets lost. For all that we worry and stress about it money is an intangible item. It has no more visibility to physics than old newspaper. It's fiat currency.

    If economists were tracking only resource, energy and labor inputs and outputs it's likely they would get a different set of outcomes. Unfortunately it's also unlikely they would get paid by banks in that case.

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