Practice good parenting

Then disconnect the television and restrict Internet access. Why is this so difficult for people to understand?

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Having the sex talk: Is your tween too sexy too soon? – CNN.com
Experts tell you how to counteract the sexual messages that surround our kids, and help them stay young a little longer.

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  1. Andrew Ragland says:

    We've been very up front with our kids about sex. However, we're Pagans, and farmers, and have a different view of the subject than most people. We've stressed personal responsibility, discussed the possible repercussions – emotional, pregnancy, STDs, etc. – and emphasized the sacred nature of the act itself. Eldest is 23, middle kid is 19, youngest is about to turn 13, and so far no major problems.

  2. Astra Navigo says:

    Andrew, good on you. I wish more parents were that way.

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