Pastor Calls For Gays To Be Put To Death

I think it is time that these guys started paying taxes like every other organization in the country.

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CNN video on Facebook – CNN.com Video

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  1. Mark Noble says:

    …or alternatively for everyone to achieve the same tax liberties.

  2. Chris George says:

    +Mark Noble One way or another would be good. Either they pay the same or we do.

  3. Mark Noble says:

    In the US, my money is taken and given to Faith Based organizations in the form of grants and the like.

    I prefer choosing who gets to spend my funds – because when I disapprove I can show this by withholding funding.

    When the money is spent for me, I lose this valuable avenue of feedback.

  4. Astra Navigo says:

    Mark, that's why we have elected officials – or did, until the 1% figured out how to buy them.

    I'm not rich enough to buy a Congressman – so I don't get a voice. Today, it's that simple.

  5. Mark Noble says:

    +Astra Navigo The only people elected officials ever catered to were the 51%. I'm sure you've noticed, the 51% are often quite wrong at the expense of the 49%.

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