This is what collapse looks like.

This is what collapse looks like.

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Decay in Detroit: Feral House Photos by James Griffioen | WebUrbanist
Photographer James Griffioen captures Detroit's 'Feral Houses', abandoned homes that are overtaken by trees and ivy, enhancing their sense of decay.

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  1. Rodney Graves says:

    That's what 50+ years of Democratic Governance looks like.

  2. Chris George says:

    In the past 50 years the Whitehouse has been occupied by a Republican puppet for 30 years and a Democratic puppet for 20. The hand hasn't changed though if that is what you are after. Still the same oligarchs in charge.

  3. Rodney Graves says:

    Detroit has been a one party town for more than fifty years, and it shows.

  4. Chris George says:

    +Rodney Graves Ahh, so local politics matters. I will remember that in the future. Thanks.

  5. Astra Navigo says:

    We're not going to have to wait for Life After People….

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