Is the UN good this week? Or bad?

I get so confused.

Leading emerging economies supported by other United Nations members initiated the discussion around handing over internet regulation to a UN agency. At present it is controlled by private shareholders.

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Russia calls for internet revolution — RT
Russia backed by China and India is pushing through a takeover of the internet by a UN supranational agency to make the web truly universal. The aim of the plan is to standardize the behavior of count…

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  1. TheBlack Box says:

    Russia, China, India … for a free Internet ?
    It's a trap.

  2. Ryan Moon says:

    Russia is for "free internet" sure.. because e-heists are probably a measurable % of their GDP at this point.

  3. Larry Maxwell says:

    dont be putin on our internet.

  4. Chris George says:

    So when Congress finally gets around to "regulating copyright", what is the rest of the world to do to run their businesses. I mean, I fully realize that five or six people that live in the US will make out like bandits with a tame and controlled Internet, but it will pretty much kill commerce for the rest of us.

    Another silo and you think you will be invited inside to benefit? How far does American exceptionalism take you these days? What happens when the rest of the world chooses to isolate you?

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