Does it meet the test?

This is a very good example of shortsightedness, but we do not care much for our effects on the real world. All we care about is whether it meets the test.

We don't care how many tons of topsoil hit the Gulf of Mexico every year or how big the dead zone gets. We already decided that this meets the test. We don't care how acid the oceans get or that we have decimated the phytoplankton in the great Southern ocean. We already decided that the causes pass the test. We don't care that we are driving 200 species a day into extinction by destroying their ecosystems and sabotaging their food webs. We have already determined that the causes of this meet the test.

It is a ridiculously simple test, I admit, and the long term effects suck, but some people seem to think it should be the guiding ethic of our time and should rule of how we live. So we go with it, as the benefits of passing the test seem to outweigh the costs and we are getting a share of it aren't we?

The test? 

Can Bayer, Monsanto, DOW, ADM and their ilk make a profit? If the answer is yes, then the test is passed.

The $15 billion in potential effects of losing the bees? Well that is someone else's problem. Taxpayers or other farmers who don't profit from the system will pick up the tab along with those who do. We don't measure ecosystem services, we don't measure the financial costs of destroying habitat or exterminating species. We do not count the costs of the economic behavior of these entities and we do it to our detriment.

But its profitable. So it meets the test. The shareholders are happy.

The new studies found that bees are exposed to potentially lethal amounts of neonicotinoids in pollen and in dust churned up by farm equipment. They also found that exposure to neonicotinoids can reduce the number of queen bees and disorient worker bees.

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A Last (Chemical) Gasp for Bees?
Colony collapse disorder threatens food crops valued at $15 billion a year. New research says farm chemicals put our food system at risk.

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  1. Melisa Beliwicz says:


  2. Ken Ewell says:

    That the U.S Dept. of Agriculture would consider approving the use of chemical agents that are in agent orange, for cultivating edible crops, is alarming.

  3. Chris George says:

    +Ken Ewell  Look at the latest org chart of the USDA.


  4. Jon Murray says:

    I am pissed, because I see the earth as my mother. And she has been poisoned, poisoned to the point I have to grow vegetables in buckets. Yes, I am PISSED. We as humans have done nothing more than $hyt in our own beds.

  5. Ken Ewell says:

    Thanks +Chris George. Not very reassuring.

  6. Ken Ewell says:

    Funny +Chris George. I was going to add that point and that it is probably similar for every agency and business sector. There is a handy, chummy relationship glomming onto power for the 1%

  7. David Lazarus says:

    The new age of birds is coming. They're getting braver every day. Mother nature has a way of getting things back in balance. The birds are coming. They're preparing for an onslaught. I think, perhaps, Hitchcock's story wasn't so far fetched after all.

  8. Chris George says:

    +David Lazarus  We have never had so many songbirds as this year (out of the last 5 years). We are surrounded by ecological desert on all sides but the quantity and variety of species is astonishing.

    +Ken Ewell  Fascism is fascism. People argue that it doesn't mean corporate control of government it means government control of corporations. If all I am looking for are the effects, it doesn't really matter much which way it came about, it is the result that matters.

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