Thanks +Thomas Jones 

Thanks +Thomas Jones 

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The Ugly Truth About English 😉

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  1. Marc-Anthony Guzman says:

    just American English 😐

  2. Chris George says:

    +Marc-Anthony Guzman  Ever met a Canadian poet?

    Let me introduce you to +miriam dunn  and we'll see if she can change your opinion.

  3. David Lazarus says:

    English is totally %$#@ed up! Especially American English. It's a horrible language. Romanic languages are much more logical and much less confusing.

    Don't even get me started on units of measurement. Again, the metric system is simple and logical. Our system? Convoluted and @%$#ed up.

  4. Chris George says:

    +David Lazarus 35 years ago when Canada switched, the rationale for the US not switching was that it was too expensive. Since then US companies have spent billions on relabeling and on new packaging technologies to keep up with world standards. More exceptionalism I am afraid. 

  5. David Lazarus says:

    Yeah, sounds a lot like the reason the Navy hasn't even upgraded to IE8 yet. They're waiting for the Win7 refresh . . . which will take place sometime after Win8 is released.

    Their reason? "We'd have to learn a whole new set of STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides )." Forget the fact that MS no longer supports IE7 and that IE8 is more secure. They're not doing it because they're too darn lazy!

  6. Ken Ewell says:

    I don't know about that but English is great for limericks

    Ball! Cried the Queen.
    And the King laughed,
    not because he had to
    but because he wanted two.
    For you see, that was the day of the King's castration,
    and he held his left ball in his right hand.
    That night the King threw his royal ball.
    And all the kings subjects and all his royal horse
    attended the Kings royal ball.
    Shit! Shouted the King, as he wheeled around
    with the grace of an old sea horse.
    All all his royal subjects squatted
    and did their utmost,
    for in those days,
    the Kings word was law.

    .. That is all I can remember of that old limerick.

  7. Marc-Anthony Guzman says:

    +David Lazarus i am a physics major and one of the first things i am trying to learn VERY well before i get into the meat of physics is unit conversion…i wanna know it like the back of my hand…

  8. David Lazarus says:

    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Don't worry about conversion. Scientists use SI (metric) units –and so will most of your physics related classes.

    Physics is all about concepts and problem solving. Not about how quickly you can convert from SI to English or vice versa. Problem solving skills are of utmost importance.

  9. Marc-Anthony Guzman says:

    well im not worried about it as far as use in physics goes im mostly just worried about if/when i work with international colleagues i want to know it like one of them and not have to think about anything and convert to their units in seconds i wanna tell people that 5 miles is about 8 kilometes without having to think about it AT ALL…just dont wanna be that typical American if/when i get to that level.

  10. David Lazarus says:

    Like I said, scientists use SI units. That's what you'll be using both in classes and in the real world. So, worrying about conversion to the English system is a waste of time. That's why you have calculators.

  11. Chris George says:

    +Marc-Anthony Guzman  We switched here when I was thirteen and I still convert everything in my head.

  12. Marc-Anthony Guzman says:

    lol you canuckistanis hahaaaa at least your govt takes care of it's citizens…even non-citizens in most cases as far as i know.

  13. David Lazarus says:

    What are you talking about? The US takes great care of its non (read illegal immigrant) citizens. It's the US citizens that get screwed. Why pay one of us minimum wage when we can pay an illegal immigrant $0.10 per hour?

    Plus they get free health care –at our expense.

  14. Marc-Anthony Guzman says:

    youre right our govt takes better care of them tan they do us in some cases…

  15. Don Williams says:

    lest we forget…technically…..we're all "aliens" here  ( unless we're  original Amerindians )….we're simply accidental Americans by virtue of our ancestor's quest for a better life…while escaping  the tyranny of oppressive governmental  systems and leaders…let's not be hasty to close the door on others looking for the same opportunity ….

    to the post'… English results from  pulverizing the world's best languages and grammars and crudely amalgamating..them ..and  we dare to declare it our standard language..talk about new american standard 

  16. Ken Ewell says:

    English is not the only the language that takes from others — all modern languages borrow from each other and evolve from older ones. After involving myself in the study of about twenty languages in different groups, I can say that English has words that discern the most peculiar and particular notions.  Having one of the largest lexicons, perhaps the largest, if you cannot find a word or words in English to express a notion or describe a situation, you have not looked hard enough.

    I am never surprised to hear or find how versatile the English language is — the rapidly expanding terminology (or language) of mathematics is a case in point.  On the other hand, the German language is one of the most organized languages I have studied, while the Japanese language is the most accommodating and civil.  … I guess I am wandering off topic …..

    Every language has it strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of any observer, and every language, such as the cousins of English: Spanish, French, the Dutch and more distant relatives like Portuguese (tem palavras tão deliciosos) to name but a few of my favorites Each language reflect the undeniable beauty, nature, and culture of its speaker.  Any of them can differ in the particulars of their  grammar but all of them take the bulk of their words from the roots of earlier languages.

  17. David Lazarus says:

    +Ken Ewell – The funny thing is that English is (or was) a Germanic language.  Still, of the western European languages, I'd choose a Romanic one over the others.

  18. Ken Ewell says:

    You are right +David Lazarus, English borrowed a heap of German words and word forms, obviously not the grammar.   Still, but there was a lot of exchanging of ideas and borrowing of words going on during the development of the Indo-European languages.  Most German words come from Latin and I tend to think that the incredibly well-organized structure of German vocabulary descended out of the German admiration for Rome.  While living and working in Bavaria I thought about it lot while observing that culture, but I have no academic basis for that tendency.

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