Funny you never see her demanding that we trace the source of weapons going to the…

Funny you never see her demanding that we trace the source of weapons going to the foreign terrorist insurgents that are butchering babies in the back alleys of Syrian cities.

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U.S.-Russia dispute over Syria grows louder
BEIRUT — The war of words between the United States and Russia over Syria escalated Thursday as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Moscow of contributing to a possible "catas…

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  1. Oksana Szulhan says:

    Terrorists are NOT insurgents; they are just that – TERRORISTS.

  2. Chris George says:

    +Oksana Szulhan Oops, you're right. 

  3. Natoya Rose says:

    I guess that there is no longer an issue of Russian weapons going to Iran but the carnage still goes on in Syria because Russia doesn't want to miss out when the Syrian Government falls and the arms contracts are renegotiated. But someone suggested (somewhat ambiguously) last night that these same questions need to be asked in other places such as Israel and their ongoing tirade against Palestine. The point they were making is that the people that tend to be expressing outrage about Syrian come from countries that supply arms to Israel to allow them to continue with their campaign against the Palestinians. So I can but wonder who else is supplying the arms to the Syrians that enable them to do what they are doing…………..

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