Occasionally I find common ground with Right Libertarians

They draw the line at having government protect their property rights and other monopolist measures like patents and copyright. I draw the line at not having a government involved in economics.

In a truly free society, all forms of violence would be condemnable and worthy of legal recourse.  Men with badges and guns would receive no special treatment such as they do today.  Thieves would be thieves.  Murders would be murders.  Counterfeiters would be counterfeiters.  And mobsters would be mobsters.  Titles such as “President,” “Congressman,” “police officer,” or “central banker” would mean nothing under a functioning system of proper law.

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The Supreme Court and Natural Law
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  1. William Tatum says:

    I am really shocked by the SCOTUS ruling, the contortions over it being a tax and a mandate at the same time depending on whether you are looking at its legality or constitionality was astounding. The only thing as shocking as that was Kennedy and Roberts switching places, that really unsettled me. 

  2. rudiger bonobo says:

    It's another tax on the poor that directly benefits the wealthy, why wouldn't a conservative court favor it?  That they concurrently pretend that it's some form of socialism and make political hay by whining about it is the shocking part. Or not. They're republicans after all. 

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