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As a parent I do not know where to begin.

Later that day, a social worker came to Jodi and Scott’s room and announced that she was going to conduct an investigation of them.

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Mother Who Questions Vax at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away
I am having a great deal of trouble typing this post.  I am so upset and outraged over what was done to Jodi Ferris and her baby at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania shortly after …

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  1. Bob Calder says:

    "Sorry mam, you're too stupid to have the responsibility for raising another human being." Short and simple.

  2. Randall Brennan says:

    It's not at all that simple, +Bob Calder. Evidence is mounting that vaccinations are unnecessary or even harmful. The mother was well within her rights to question them, or refuse them. 

  3. Bob Calder says:

    Dear +Randall Brennan you have no idea what you are talking about. Evidence of that not only does not exist, any you have seen is a total fabrication. It is simple. Each day, your immune system is assailed by hundreds of bacteria, viruses, and compounds to which it reacts. This is true of babies as well unless you don't actually have them in a hospital.

    This is common knowledge to anyone with a smidgen of scientific background. The community of anti-vaxxers is a public laughingstock. I suggest you think twice about ever saying anything where someone with a normal education can make fun of you.

  4. Bo Goodin says:

    It doesn't matter if it's helpful or harmful, the parent of that child had every right to question(and get appropriate answers) what they were treating her child with and why,and she had the right to refuse it.

    Healthcare workers aren't even required to get this vaccine(although many companies will provide it free) and they are exposed to it daily. The hospital way overstepped it's bounds on this.

  5. Randall Brennan says:

    FYI, +Bob Calder, two points:

    1. I DO know what I'm talking about, and I research this often. Research is coming more and more to the side of the "anti-vaxxers."
    2. Insults do not make a valid argument. 

  6. Bob Calder says:

    +Bo Goodin Look at the source: https://hslda.org/hs/state/pa/201203270.asp
    There are no links out to reliable meda stories but at the bottom is an appeal for money to prosecute the case and an appeal for prayers. The truth of the matter may be far different from what is described. I can't find anything but hundreds of cut and paste jobs on Ron Paul, Tea Party, Home School, and anti-vax sites. The case was filed and the medical failure alleged is failure to treat jaundice. Nobody knows what happened other than what these people's lawyer wrote. But everybody is similarly "outraged".

  7. Bo Goodin says:

    Thanks +Bob Calder ,do you happen to have a link or know where I can find something on that. I find this case interesting.

  8. Bob Calder says:

    +Randall Brennan lol neither of us read the article. And yes. I will state categorically that ignorance is not a point of view. Support yourself with research and links to PubMed. Show me the research. Real research in high impact journals. I have a subscription to Science so if you can't get an article I will retrieve it for you.

  9. Bob Calder says:

    There are the names of everybody concerned so you can search in the future +Bo Goodin – There are a couple of things that make me look askance at the claims. #1 the parents homeschool which could mean they are paranoid – there are actually a number of ultra religious homeschoolers that fear government schools will brainwash their children. #2 the lawyer's website supports this possibility as he is taking on a case and advocating while invoking God and parental rights. #3 no further news and #4 it has been picked up by a network of bloggers that are just copy-paste and include Tea Party and Ron Paul sites. There are no regular newspapers or televisions stations in the list after the initial story.

  10. Bo Goodin says:


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