Too many people, not enough to do

And the problem is not going away, it is getting worse.

There’s a huge problem with structural unemployment where many people don’t have the skills and there’s really no role for them except as consumers. But underneath that, for the sustainable economies of the future, we really have a vibrant group of artists and craftspeople who will play a major role in the future, in terms of sustainable economies, because they are able to use tools.

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Liberty Tool Company of Liberty, MaineLiberty Tool Company of Liberty, Maine
Liberty Tool Company in Liberty, Maine sells salvaged hand tools. This lovely three minute video featuring Liberty owner and tool buyer H.G. "Skip" Brack pays homage to beautiful old tools, notes t……

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  1. Katherine Bond says:

    I love this man.  I love his town.  I love his idea.

  2. Erich Feldmeier says:

    Richard Sennet: Craftsmanship

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