Civilization means "living in cities"

Cities require resources beyond what they can contribute and waste sinks beyond what they can dispose of. This requires a hinterland.

Sometimes those who are already using the hinterland object and we always solve it by violence. If there are no people on the land, there is no one to object.

If these people continue to defend their land and culture, they will be labelled terrorist, just as we have labelled those in Nigeria battling the same foe.

People whose livelihoods have primarily depended on hunting and gathering or farming may suddenly find themselves forced to take jobs as manual laborers, servants, and prostitutes.

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Occupy the Dam: Brazil's Indigenous Uprising
Indigenous tribesmen stand firm near the Belo Monte Dam. (Photos courtesy of International Rivers)Last month, hundreds of indigenous demonstrators began dismantling a dam in the heart of Brazil's rain…

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