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Oh, don't expect an informative label on nano-particles in your products. Although marketers are thrilled to present benefits to make wrinkles vanish, or illuminate skin flawlessly, there are health and unknown downsides.

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You Think GMO Is Scary? Nano Tech is Here, In Your Store
You Think GMO Is Scary? Nano Tech is Here, In Your Store. Nanotechnology is measured in billionths of a meter, encompassing all aspects of life from food to medicine, clothing, to space.

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  1. Larry Maxwell says:

    it is hard to imagine what is not poisonous to humans in this world now. Gmo is just one more thing if true.

  2. Amy Knepper says:

    You know what I wonder? You know how they make those cutting boards that have nanoknives on them – small enough to cut germs, but not cut people? What would happen if someone ingested that substance? Would it therefore cut through all their good bacteria in their gut, do you think? That's what makes me curious about nanotech. 

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