I can hardly wait to see him explain the economic disparity between men and wome…

I can hardly wait to see him explain the economic disparity between men and women.

Or Blacks and Whites. Or Latinos and Whites. Or Asians and Whites.

On a larger note: Why are the Republicans, once again, throwing the contest?

"And as I come here and I… consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things," he   said. Mr Romney listed an innovative business climate, the Jewish history of thriving in difficult circumstances and the "hand of providence."

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Mitt Romney tells Jewish donors that 'culture' and 'providence' are why Israelis are more economically successful than Palestinians
US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today ignored the depressive impact of a 43-year occupation by telling Jewish donors to his campaign that “culture” and “providence” were reasons why I…

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  1. Jack Huesman says:

    Or maybe he was trying to be a bit tactful and said, "and a few other things" instead of "not having a repressive, corrupt bunch of crooks like Abbas and his PLO-wacko buddies running your country"?

  2. Chris George says:

    Good possibility.

    Or maybe he was simply pandering for more foreign cash to buy airtime.

  3. Artur Taurus says:

    While I am screaming from pain in theets, Mitt Romney is going to visit Radziwillow to discover his roots and our common forefathers. He has came to rescue our Poland but instead Komorowski want to present him a castrated monster. We are interested in both.

    At same time my second, still suspected, brother Dimitri Medvedev has appeared on front of not so fameous fireplace. Fireplace that was a gift made for me by last polish King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. And this is choice Komorowski have – to follow Brussel Major democratic way of Luis XVI or behave more pragmatic like King Stanislaw Poniatowski did…

    More: http://tautur.tumblr.com/post/28341763771

  4. George Salgueiro says:

    I can easily explain it between republicans and democrats…

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