Fire up the bombers

This would destroy a big part of the US economy.

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Across Latin America, leaders appalled by the spread of drug-related violence are mulling policies that would have once been inconceivable.  Decriminalizing everything from heroin and cocaine to marijuana? The Brazilian and Argentine legislatures think that could be the best way to allow the police to focus on traffickers instead of addicts.  Legalizing and regulating not just drug use, but also drug transport — perhaps with large customs fees for bulk shipments? President Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala, a no-nonsense former army general, has called for discussion of such an approach, even as leaders in Colombia, Mexico, Belize and other countries also demand a broader debate on relaxing punitive drug laws.

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Uruguay Considers Legalizing Marijuana to Stop Traffickers
Leaders are considering more permissive policies, such as the legalization and regulation of drug use and even drug transport, as a way to fight the spread of drug-related violence.

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  1. Michael Carlson says:

    "Fire up the bombers." Hah don't make me laugh so much when I just got back from the doc getting abdominal pain checked out. I shouldn't laugh but….

  2. Fjord Lynn says:

    It worked for prohibition. When was the last time Budweiser kidnapped a senior government official?

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