It will eventually lead to house arrest or probation for the banksters

But the civil lawsuits could ruin them. Unless government steps in.

New York lender, Berkshire Bank, has filed court papers against several larger banks, including Barclays, JP Morgan and Citigroup, claiming they had engaged in the “unlawful suppression” of borrowing rates.

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Bankers found to have rigged Libor rate could face jail – Telegraph
Bankers found to have rigged Libor could face jail after the Serious Fraud Office said it will look to bring criminal charges against those who attempted to manipulate Libor, a key global borrowin…

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  1. MJ Ricard says:

    I'll believe it when I see senior execs take the fall, not merely traders who were just following orders. 

  2. Theo Fenraven says:

    :sigh: How many times have we heard this? And STILL no one is serving time for destroying world economy.

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