There is more money to be made in dismantling civilization than in participating…

There is more money to be made in dismantling civilization than in participating in it.

Methinks we're in trouble.

No one in the Central Valley believes that they can stop the epidemic of looting copper wire. I know the local Masonic Hall is not the Parthenon, but you get the picture of our modern Turks prying off the lead seals of the building clamps of classical temples.

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California: The Road Warrior Is Here
Where’s Mel Gibson When You Need Him?George Miller’s 1981 post-apocalyptic film The Road Warrior envisioned an impoverished world of the future. Tribal groups fought over what remained of a dest

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  1. Bob Lai says:

    One city in the Bay Area is reporting thieves making off with sewer grates …

  2. Chris George says:

    +Bob Lai What do they weigh, like 100lbs or so?

    At 25 cents a pound for scrap, that is serious cash.

  3. Paul Shuker says:

    We got the same problem over here in UK – scumbag thieves ripping out copper telecommunication wires and removing gully grates & manhole covers.

  4. John Poteet says:

    The author of that article is an old school, Fresno, racist, twat. Things are bad in California but not for the reasons he mentions.

    The Republican party and Enron looted the state treasury. The schools were allowed to rot because proposition 13 allows corporations to transfer property without getting reassessed for new property taxes. We run the most expensive prison system in the world locking up minorities for simple drug possession and fueling gang wars. Of course the worst areas of California are the inland empire cities south of Sacramento where corrupt Republican politicians have held the county seats and the congressional seats for decades. It's no accident that the oil-town of Bakersfield is blighted; anybody who can leaves. 

    You can't blame illegal immigrants for coming to California when for decades whole classes of jobs were reserved for them in order avoid labor laws like minimum wages, overtime and workman's compensation. The latinos do almost all the labor work in the state anymore. Most farmers will not hire a U.S. citizen that they don't know from church or social contacts. They're too used to being padrones. 

    He's an old fuck who doesn't like it that the state is returning to it's original inhabitants, Native Americans, because that's what most mexican immigrants are. Screw him with a hairy cactus. 

  5. Jacob Martin says:

    I dunno guys. If I recall correctly, it's not real Road Warrior times unless there's a guy in assless chaps in a hockey-ish mask telling you to step away from the gasoline. I'm Aussie, so I should know.

  6. Michael Carlson says:

    As soon as someone names one party culpable for all the problems of (x) I quit listening.

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