Apparently political affiliation is a crime in the land of the free

Who knew?

The FBI has stated only that the grand jury pertains to "violent crime," but it is believed to relate to property damage in Seattle during this year's May Day protests. The relatively small scale of the property destruction – a handful of spraypainted cars, slashed tires and smashed windows at a downtown Starbucks, Niketown, Wells Fargo and American Apparel store – in comparison to the cost of the police and FBI investigations points to the likelihood that the raids and grand juries have been widely dubbed a witch hunt, understood by commentators and activists alike as an attempt to intimidate, deter and undermine anarchists in the Northwest and beyond.

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Facing Grand Jury Intimidation: Fear, Silence and Solidarity
Given their highly secretive nature, few people within – or outside – activist circles know what it means to be called to a grand jury and what it takes to resist.

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