It is amazing how reliant we are on government to run the economy

Even when we think we aren't. We are.

Some profess a belief that a free market with no government intervention would solve our ills. But they then get all indignant when you point out how far their notion of no government intervention is from the reality of no government intervention. What they really seem to mean is that they want government to intervene on their behalf and only in ways that benefit them.

Their principles are hollow.

But as Marx pointed out, this real-world primitive accumulation wasn’t just a one-time thing at the dawn of capitalism, after which the capitalists instituted bourgeois legality and said “OK, no more robbery, starting … now!” This primitive accumulation, this robbery, is an ongoing phenomenon without which capitalism — a system of state-enforced privilege and rent extraction, as opposed to the free market — would cease to exist.

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For Fake Corporate “Libertarians,” The World’s Just one Big Billy Jack Movie
Carson: Yet another reminder that corporate capitalism has nothing to do with a free market. It's a system of state-assisted robbery by the rich and powerful.

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  1. David Lazarus says:

    When did we think we weren't?

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