It is no longer about percentage return

Now the corporatists must keep the absolute share of wealth flowing to the top. Next up, more soup kitchens.

You’ll see many news stories in the next few days based on a study from the National Employment Law Project detailing how many and what kinds of jobs were lost in the Great Recession and what kinds have come back in the current recovery. Cutting to the chase we lost eight million jobs, have recovered four million of those, but — here’s the problem — the recovered jobs on average pay a lot less than did the jobs that were lost, which is why the U.S. middle class is still hurting.

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Hardly anyone in the U.S. economy feels prosperous ~ I, Cringely
We’ve lost the entrepreneurial zeal of the 1990s. There’s something different about starting a business now compared to then. We just aren’t getting as much wealth-building for our bucks as we used to…

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