Never interrupt the enemy while they are making mistakes

Especially when they are the same mistakes that led to your downfall.

The choices China makes in the years ahead will have an immense impact not only on the long-term viability, livability, and energy efficiency of its cities, but also on the health of the entire planet. Unfortunately, much of what China is building is based on outdated Western planning ideas that put its cars at the center of urban life, rather than its people.

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Weapons of Mass Urban Destruction – By Peter Calthorpe
In the last five years, China has built 20000 miles of expressways, finishing the construction of 12 national highways a whopping 13 years ahead of schedule and at a pace four times faster than the Un…

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  1. Wataru Tenga says:

    Good article, but I don't understand your comment. Why are they the enemy, and why should we be happy to see them destroy the planet?

  2. Chris George says:

    +Wataru Tenga There can be only one Empire and the Anglo-American Empire doesn't want to give up quite yet.

    As far as being the "enemy", that is simply how our culture frames competition. We used that saying all the time when evaluating our competitors in the restaurant business.

    In case you haven't noticed we are pretty much beyond mitigation of global heating at this point. Adaptation is rapidly moving to the fore. So being happy or being sad about it doesn't mean much, either way.

  3. J.R. Jones says:

    I was under the impression that china was using mass electric vehicles. Personal scooters, buses, etc. All electric.
    Doing so would prevent much of the following in our destructive footsteps.

  4. Wataru Tenga says:

    OK, Chris, I missed your POV. Agree about the "too little, too late".

  5. David Lazarus says:

    +J.R. Jones – all electric?  Maybe they've started to convert, but emissions have been a real problem in China.

  6. J.R. Jones says:

    Not every vehicle is electric, the vehicles being swapped in themselves are all electric.
    And yes, China has horrible environmental practices, but so does the USoA.

  7. Chris George says:

    +J.R. Jones You notice the total lack of attention to the fact that diesel exhaust is now classed as a carcinogen. According the the WHO that is. After decades of having it on the "potential" carcinogen list.

  8. J.R. Jones says:

    +Chris George of course it's buried. Can you imagine the consumers waking up to this truth? Their morning and evening commutes would never be the same.
    Consumers likely won't return to citizens. And media likely won't return to reporting news, instead of spin. We gave that all up, and I doubt many would fight to get it back.

  9. Chris George says:

    +J.R. Jones I will.

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