Think of the potential for abuse

And then realize it was designed that way.

Whereas public departments of corrections on the state and federal levels are subject to disclosure statutes under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), private prison firms contracting with public agencies are not.

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Private Prisons Currently Exempt from Freedom of Information Act
It seems that every few days I read a new press release or “study” commissioned by the private prison industry lauding its supposedly unmatched performance on measures of efficiency and safety relativ…

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  1. Dave Gunderson says:

    Of course it was design that way. Welcome to America.

  2. David Lazarus says:

    There are private prisons?  I'm not sure I like that idea.

  3. Chris George says:

    +David Lazarus A growth industry. With ironclad contracts guaranteeing a certain level of patronage.

    Unfortunately it is old news. Private prisons have been all the rage in your country for decades.

  4. Dave Gunderson says:

    Many states love the idea. We have one right down the road. Think of it this way, government institutions have restrictions where a commercial enterprise may be exempt. Loopholes work both ways +David Lazarus   

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