Rules for being a parasite

Never kill the host and never let the host know you exist and are a parasite.

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  1. AmyBeth Inverness says:

    How is being a contractor equivalent to being a parasite? These companies provide goods and services at a market price. A parasite simply sucks the lifeblood from its host.

  2. Chris George says:

    +AmyBeth Inverness Do you want what they are selling?

    You are paying for it, just as surely as you are paying for every other loathsome thing that government buys with money it coerces out of your pocket.

    If there was an open market for war it would be uneconomic, which would make these companies a part of history.

  3. AmyBeth Inverness says:

    Yes. I'm proud that American Companies can be leaders in technological fields and provided needed goods to our government.

    As to the implication that these companies are selling war tools, I believe you and I probably have vastly different views on that, and it's probably not worth hashing such an old argument out via comments on a picture. 

    Respect & disagreement can work in tandem.

  4. Alistair McHarg says:

    corporate welfare – boeing, for example, is nothing but a pentagon subsidiary – tax $ have kept these companies alive and obscenely profitable – creating products no sane person would want for enterprises no sane person would support

  5. Cathy Brennan says:

    They are corporations that suck tax dollars for profit, that to me is a parasite to the American people!

  6. Oksana Szulhan says:

    These companies obtain loans from the government; the loans are than " forgiven ".  That's a parasite.

  7. Chris George says:

    +Oksana Szulhan You just described FDR's New Deal.

  8. Cathy Brennan says:

    These companies know all the loop holes to make their profits…to stuff their pockets. Thus counting the dollars , from the government that is actually the people that pay taxes!  It is a trickle up! Not a trickle down effect! 

  9. Gurudatta Raut says:

    are those billions ?

  10. Gurudatta Raut says:

    and so Federal reserve bank has no contract with US govt ?

  11. Cathy Brennan says:


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