Simple game, type a plus, then each letter of the alphabet and select the first name…

Simple game, type a plus, then each letter of the alphabet and select the first name that G+ suggests to you for that one letter. If the first suggestion for a letter was selected already then select the next one in the list.

+Alister Macintyre 
+Cindy Brown 
+Jack C Crawford 
+David Lazarus 
+Gregory Esau 
+Jim Feig 
+O'Neil Godfrey 
+Chris Harrington 
+Melony Isaac 
+John Poteet 
+Finn Krogstad 
+Bob Lai 
+miriam dunn 
+Mark Noble 
+Bob O`Bob 
+Peter Smalley 
+Liz Quilty 
+Joshua Roy 
+Susan Stone 
+Tony Schwartz 
+Derya Unutmaz 
+Heather Vandagriff 
+Lauren Weinstein 
+Xeno Phrenia 
+Cynthia Yildirim 
+Cavalier Zee 

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  1. O'Neil Godfrey says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for the shout-out! :-)

  2. Chris George says:

    +O'Neil Godfrey You were first for O and G. :-)

  3. Alister Macintyre says:

    I have a flaky connection … I got about 2/3 thru alphabet then screen jerked and I lost it.

  4. Zack Normandin says:


  5. Jack C Crawford says:

    It's not exactly scientific, but a fair amount of variance should exist for the common letters.  I think +Liz Quilty has Q nailed for most of us!

  6. O'Neil Godfrey says:

    Thank you +Jack C Crawford; I hope all is going well! :-)

  7. Liz Quilty says:

    Yep, its true, im getting hammered on the Q :D:D I shall take it out on my husband :)

  8. Chris George says:

    This is an excellent opportunity to explore the differences and add new people.

  9. Kim Crawford says:

    Wait a minute,I have people A-Z and I am looking and Jack has some of mine who are coming up. NOT to complicate this,but WOW there are gonna be lots of people getting double notified if I follow the rules here….so I am going to take license and if I see the person on Jack's list I'm gonna do the 2nd one,OK?
    +Anita Law
    +Bud Hoffman
    +Mike Clancy
    +Eben Davis
    +Gregory Esau
    +Nathalie Flautat
    +Alex Grossman
    +Johan Horak
    +Ivan P.M.
    +Jwls Poyner
    +Walter Karas
    +Lee Smallwood
    +Siamak Manzarpour
    +Tom Napier
    +Dan O'Shea
    +Panah Rad
    +Michael Q Todd
    +Susanne Ramharter
    +Suzy Jenkins
    +Jo Anne Thomas
    +Laura Umfer
    +Joe Vinson
    +Lorie Wren
    +Chris Hoeller
    +Yanik Falardeau
    +Visnja Zeljeznjak
    Hi all;I've interacted with everyone on this list and my sincere apologies to you for sucking you all into this!

  10. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Kim Crawford thanks!

  11. Kim Crawford says:

    You're thanking me…cool!

  12. Alister Macintyre says:

    I have a flaky connection … I got about 2/3 thru alphabet then screen jerked and I lost it.

  13. Monika Ljubičić says:

    +Chris George good evening from Zagreb (Croatia :D)
    So let the games begin:
    +Rehan Ahmad 
    +Bobbi Jo Woods 
    +Jack C Crawford 
    +Hamid Dastmalchi 
    +P E Sharpe 
    +Farzana Shan 
    +Peter Galazka 
    +Max Huijgen 
    +Ivan Dimitrijević 
    +jane mizrahi 
    +Ayoub Khote 
    +Sofie Løve Forsberg
    for M I will not tag him. I love him so much, he is seriously ill and fighting for his life and I do not wont harass him…
    +Konstantin Lamanov
    +Jaana Nyström 
    +Eileen O'Duffy (+Sheri ONeill )
    +pio dal cin 
    +Rinus Bakker 
    +martin shervington 
    +Jo Anne Thomas (+Dirk Talamasca , +Meg Tufano ;)))
    +Derya Unutmaz 
    +Visnja Zeljeznjak  
    +Yonatan Zunger 
    deep love for all

  14. Chris George says:

    Interesting. I picked up one new person from +Jack C Crawford , four from +Kim Crawford and two from +Monika Ljubičić.

  15. Suzy Jenkins says:

    Thank you Kim :-)

  16. Monika Ljubičić says:

    dmn, and why Google has not launched my beloved +Rahul Roy 😉

  17. Chris Hoeller says:

    Recent interaction
    Having people circled
    Interaction on this post

    All boost chances of name appearing higher up

  18. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Kim Crawford popped up first just now, I just talked to her. Yesterday +Bryan Kieft was top for K

    Your list will change everyday

  19. Rinus Bakker says:

    Ah another copy of this game :)

  20. Farzana Shan says:

    Big hugs and love +Monika Ljubičić xoxox

  21. Farzana Shan says:

    Very honoured to make it onto your list +Gary S. Hart thank you :-)

  22. Kim Crawford says:

    Vellly velly smart guy +Chris Hoeller !

  23. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Kim Crawford I try!

  24. Bud Hoffman says:

    Thanks +Kim Crawford :o)

  25. Colin Lucas-Mudd says:

    Thank you +Gary S. Hart. You have some excellent people in your list. I'm delighted to be included with such august company.

  26. Kim Crawford says:

    This is like a little HAPPY HOUR without the alcohol…most of us on this list are all interacting with each other and hi Bud by the way…..

  27. Chris George says:

    +Chris Hoeller Four new to me people in your list. And you must circle +Liz Quilty to make Q work for you. She is used to it by now. :-)

  28. Farzana Shan says:

    Thank you so very much +Chris Hoeller :-)

  29. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Chris George done. Next Q I mention won't be from Star Trek

  30. Sheri ONeill says:

    Love back to you +Monika Ljubičić , I am honored to be on your list.
     +Gary S. Hart  Thanks for the shout out. I love sharing music with you the most. When I come on and see you have posted some song it always makes me smile.

  31. Chris Hoeller says:

    Honorable mentions that didn't make my list but you should have circled…

    +Chris Putt
    +Mari Thomas
    +Bryan Maher
    +Jennifer Goldfinch

  32. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Eli Fennell

  33. stephanie wanamaker says:

    thanks +Jack C Crawford I think your content is fantastic as well

  34. Chris Hoeller says:

    Now, if someone wants to make a circle of everyone…

    I'll do it but it may be a few hours, I'm on mobile

  35. Jack C Crawford says:

    +Chris Hoeller You are exactly right.  Google dynamically messes with our minds.

  36. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Jack C Crawford yup

  37. Jack C Crawford says:

    +stephanie wanamaker et al, 
    I followed +Chris George's instructions.  Your names came to the top – because you are awesome in my eyes I think.
    +Chris Hoeller's point is well taken … the more you interact, the more you interact.  …. bewitching
    tag +Giselle Minoli 

  38. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Jack C Crawford it's also as simple as someone else being on that post.

    Google is constantly reworking it to make the best possible predictions

  39. stephanie wanamaker says:

    agreed +Chris Hoeller thanks +Jack C Crawford you are the best

  40. Tina Vale says:

    +Jack C Crawford I'm on the list! But how do we make it tooo the list?? Is it random?

  41. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Tina Vale

    Press + then type A

    The first name that pops up makes the list

    Repeat with b-z

  42. Jack C Crawford says:

    +Chris Hoeller is our resident expert +Tina Vale 
    He has analyzed the situation ( #HUP

  43. Jo Anne Thomas says:

    A b z?

  44. Chris Hoeller says:

    My misplaced passion can benefit us all

  45. Jo Anne Thomas says:

    It's going to be a heck of a lot easier 😉 

  46. Colin Lucas-Mudd says:

    OK… While I'm taking a quick break I'll join the fray.

    +Ayoub Khote 
    +Bob Lai 
    +Cara Schulz 
    +David Amerland 
    +Euro Maestro 
    +Steve Faktor 
    +Alex Grossman  
    +Max Huijgen 
    +Peter A. Saldaña III 
    +Paula Jones 
    +Kim Crawford 
    +Laurence Hubbard 
    +Giselle Minoli 
    +Gavin nivaG 
    +Grace O'Malley 
    +Thomas Power 
    +Darlene Quinn 
    +Carol Rizzo 
    +Farzana Shan 
    +Meg Tufano 
    +U-Ming Lee 
    +Steven Vaughan-Nichols 
    +stephanie wanamaker 
    +Kristina Xie 
    +Youssef Hachhouch 
    +Zian Silverwolf 

    Interesting. As others have said, there are several people who appear above those with whom I interact more frequently. Additional work required either on server response time or algorithm methinks.

  47. Tina Vale says:

    +Jack C Crawford Smiling….otay..let's play..my peeps that pop

    +Anna Krats +Carrie Blakley +Darrell Morrone +David Calderon 
    +Liz Eberhardt +Jonathan Franklin +Geoffrey Dunn +Lindi Harrington  +Ian Netto +Jack C Crawford +Jake Kern  +Loc Traine +Mary C. +Don Novotny +Blake Ourso +Frank Palmeri +Liz Quilty +Rick Naughton +Tony Simons +Jo Anne Thomas +Oliver Ullrich +Virgil Cowen +Elaine White +Mark X +Yvonne S +Ben Zaitz 

    That's my poppage folks…not sure how this works and why/just what comes up.

  48. stephanie wanamaker says:

    +Colin Lucas-Mudd wow impressed ! this is the first game you have participated in !   Yeah the algorithm  is tricky but at least you got suggestions for y and Z I didnt !  and I am there thats the main thing 😛

  49. Chris George says:

    +Colin Lucas-Mudd Three new to me people from your list. 

  50. Jake Kern says:

    Me, +Tina Vale?! (swoon)

  51. David Amerland says:

    +Colin Lucas-Mudd This is an interesting experiment because it reveals the depth of data and the assumptions Google's Knowledge Graph is making for you. It is supposed to show the degree of separation between you and the people you are engaged with here (and all these lists right now, collectively are either reinforcing or skewing the data at least fro a while). The interesting point is that while this has a certain degree of accuracy it's still flawed as Google cannot yet measure nuance deeply enough. For instance Denis Labelle is the guy I recommend to every newbie who comes to G+ as his postings are incredibly useful. I also read what he posts but I rarely interact. As a result he did not even come up on my list when I got to 'D'. I suspect, eventually, Google will start to tie up authority and subject matter in order to make these connections tighter and more accurate. We are still at a very early stage.

  52. Colin Lucas-Mudd says:

    I'm working on a complex project +stephanie wanamaker and needed something that required no mental energy to interfere with my enjoyment of a glass at lunchtime.

  53. stephanie wanamaker says:

    +Colin Lucas-Mudd hehe that explains it!   don't work too hard!

  54. Farzana Shan says:

    I'm honoured +Colin Lucas-Mudd :-) thank you!

  55. Gary S. Hart says:

    There were not enough letter to do my list appropriate justice. So goes the digital mind.

  56. Chris Hoeller says:

    +Jo Anne Thomas yessss

  57. Chris George says:

    +Jo Anne Thomas Interesting. Only one person I didn't already have and it was +Ben Zaitz.

  58. Colin Lucas-Mudd says:

    I'm in complete agreement +David Amerland. What is interesting was that I had a high proportion of those who, as I, post only a few times each week but apply energy, logic, research, an appreciation of social equity, and polymathematic depth.

    Hopefully this was an exercise initiated by someone at Google with an interest in refining the algorithm to deliver value as opposed to simple volume. Hey, pink pigs fly sometimes. I'm sure that I saw a meme on exactly that point drift up my stream once.

  59. stephanie wanamaker says:

    +Colin Lucas-Mudd lol at pigs fly

  60. Isabelle Fortin says:

    :) +Jo Anne Thomas 

  61. Sheri ONeill says:

    make a circle with all these names = next project

  62. Farzana Shan says:

    The hugest of hugs and happy smiles +Jo Anne Thomas thank you my lovely xxxx

  63. O'Neil Godfrey says:

    Hi +Jo Anne Thomas; O what an honor! :-)

  64. Jo Anne Thomas says:

    Hugs back to all of you :)

  65. Chris George says:

    The connections are simply amazing. This is giving us a very non-standard view of interactivity and who is connected to who, all without a third party script.

  66. Virgil Cowen says:

    Yippee +Tina Vale

  67. Nikki Crome says:

    I really like that when I commented on this it was at 69….sorry to make it non-pervy! ^_^

    Hi, +Jo Anne Thomas 😀

  68. Jo Anne Thomas says:

    LOL +Nikki Crome ♥

  69. Nikki Crome says:

    Miss chattin' with ya, momma!

  70. Jo Anne Thomas says:


  71. Loc Traine says:

    +Tina Vale , aww, thanks.  As for me, my A-Z are all +Tina Vale's….wow.    😛

  72. Suzy Jenkins says:

    Thank you +Jo Anne Thomas – pleased I made it :-)

  73. Sandy Hubbard says:

    Excited to be included via +Gary S. Hart  – hey and hi, everybody!

  74. Robin Laurén says:

    This feels a bit like spamming…. since I'm not really that active INTERACTING with people on G+, my a2z list really just feels like a random collection of folks who have received my posts, or who have shared with me. Maybe that is just a very early sort of proto-interaction?

  75. Rahul Roy says:

    +Monika Ljubičić Because +Rinus Bakker is more relevant to you :(

  76. Rinus Bakker says:

    Or google is more likely to come up with me if I have been mentioned, or responded shortly before +Rahul Roy I have noticed that google is becoming really smart in showing up who you are most likely to be looking for, the most relevant list is not the most prominent here I guess! :))

  77. Tony Schwartz says:

    Hi Did I win a prize?  I like prizes!

  78. Monika Ljubičić says:

    +Rahul Roy you know what you are for me one of three musketeers on Google Plus: You're one of them.

  79. Rahul Roy says:

    +Monika Ljubičić You made my day… btw same goes for you.

  80. Rinus Bakker says:

    who is than the third one +Rahul Roy :))
    Please don't say it's me 😉

  81. Rahul Roy says:

    +Rinus Bakker I saw what you did there 😛

  82. Tony Schwartz says:

    +MTV +Rinus Bakker RINUS!!!!  LOOK!  There you are and I see you 1 comment above.

    I do not think I understand this game.  I just hope I win!

  83. pio dal cin says:

    +Chris Hoeller +Jo Anne Thomas +Monika Ljubičić +Gary S. Hart +Jack C Crawford  thanks for mentioning my butt

  84. Ajda Boksic Filipovic says:

    +Jesse Crawford smoochez!

  85. Marina Versaci says:

    Thank you so much my friend! you are very kind:-)) +Trever McGhee 

  86. Kawthar AL ABDALLA says:

    Thanks a lot for the mention, you were also in my list last week 😉
    Have a lovely weekend! :)
    +Tim Utzig 

  87. Jake Kern says:

    +Jesse Crawford, I won't give you "smoochez" like +Ajda Boksic Filipovic, but I will say thank you & give you a bro hug. :)

  88. Ajda Boksic Filipovic says:

    +Jake Kern of course you won't! you have Sara to smooch! go away! ;)))

  89. Jesse Crawford says:

    LMAO that is awesome +Jake Kern high five +Ajda Boksic Filipovic *smoooch* 

  90. Tim Utzig says:

    Still catching up after having my wisdom teeth pulled +Kawthar AL ABDALLA  ….. ugh:).  Have a wonderful weekend as well:). Hello +Chris George hope your weekend is starting off great.

  91. Kawthar AL ABDALLA says:

    I got my last three wisdom teeth pulled last week too! 😀 +Tim Utzig welcome back!

  92. Raymond Ward says:

    Yo +Jesse Crawford thanks for that my man! Well here is my list seen this two days ago and was wondering who would tag me!:-D..lol

  93. David Shield says:

    Thank you so much!! +Tim Utzig This looks cool and interesting; I will have to check this out.

  94. Eve Aebi says:

    Thank you +Jesse Crawford 😀

  95. Anna Baty says:

    I want to say all my friends are number – to me!!!!!

  96. Birgit Backlund-Palander says:

    Thanks so much, dear friends for your kindness!!! +Tim Utzig +Trever McGhee 

  97. Ceruti Giovanni stefano says:

    Thank +Anna Baty ^__^ great dunday my dear friends!!!! Yehaaaa

  98. Eduardo Martian says:

    thank you  very much +Trever McGhee :)

  99. Anna Baty says:

    Thank-you so much my friends. I believe this shows the gratitude and true interaction with friends and culture all around the World.

  100. Anna Baty says:

    G+Sue McElligott
    A true friend with a great spirit.

  101. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Thank you, +Trever McGhee and +Tim Utzig for the mentions! Big ((hugs)) to you both! :-)

  102. Suzy Jenkins says:

    Thank you +Ila East and +Anna Baty :-)

  103. Anna Baty says:

    Always welcomed my friend.

  104. Booger Bender says:

    Cool I was mentioned. :)

  105. Dryade Geo says:

    Good morning +Ila East 😀

  106. Louis Frayser says:

    Hello +Ila East !

  107. Blake Austin says:

    +Jo Anne Thomas– I'm happy to know I'm your first "A".~ 😉

  108. Monique Yates says:

    Thank you +Jesse Crawford 

  109. Xea Baudoin says:

    Thank you:))+Jesse Crawford +Trever McGhee 
    Thank you +Chris George for your post!
    Have a fantastic week!

  110. Sherri Nissel says:

    Love ya man!  You are handsome and alwaying rockin +Jesse Crawford.  It's an honor to be your friend sweetie.  :))

  111. Jesse Crawford says:

    You rock +Sherri Nissel glad you be your friend as well thanks for nice words :) 

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