There are two sides to every conflict

Real journalism would require in getting both sides of the story and presenting them both objectively. We are so far beyond this it is no longer funny. But it is getting easier and easier to point out the lack.

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Israel Would Have Us Believe That These People Are Terrorists?
Israel Would Have Us Believe That These People Are Terrorists. Pictures Of Children Killed and Injured By Israeli Attack On Gaza November 14, 2012. “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” – Rev. Mart…

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  1. Laura Waller says:


  2. Andréa Hector-Brown says:

    it's truly heartbreaking.  when does it end?

  3. Chris George says:

    +Andréa Hector-Brown When normal people, who are not psychopaths, push back and start demanding better from our leaders. The problem is that those who profit from this madness own our governments and our media and like to cloak their actions in a veil of patriotism.

    Dead babies are dead babies. Those who fire the first shot must be held to account in every circumstance regardless of what flag they pretend to operate under.

  4. Chris George says:


    Hours before Hamas strongman Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip.

    Apparently the people who build and ship all of that armament from the Untied States to Israel feel that peace isn't good for business.

  5. Sheye Anne Blaze says:

    The Palestinians have ended up in a position that bears some striking resemblances to Native Americans on Reservations in the US.

  6. Ed Connell says:

    I can't believe how one sided the media portrays this – surely you can't say the press ever shows any balance and sympathy towards the Israelis.  And, I'm not Jewish and I despise Christianity, so don't mold me sir.  I would just offer to you and those who want to cry for the Palestinian terrorists, because they are, no doubt about it, just try to imagine Cuba or Mexico being in a perpetual state of trying to blow up our border towns.  Maybe you wouldn't care, I don't know.  I sure as hell would.  They don't want peace with Israel, they never will.  If you can't see that, I can't help you.

  7. Chris George says:

    +Ed Connell Terrorists?

    Last time around thousands of Palestinians were killed to tens of Israelis. Same M.O., same timing, right after the US election. Last time it was on the day of the election to deflect attention.. Unprovoked strikes by Israel prompt retaliation by Hamas which prompts airstrikes, tanks, shelling from offshore etc. etc.

    As far as one sided media goes you would be hard pressed to find many outlets in the US, Canada or Britain that show the least bit of sympathy for the Palestinians. The fact that the majority of the population in these countries see the Palestinians as terrorists simply reinforces how effective the media have been in leading us to foregone conclusions.

    There is an objective standard to go by. Those who shoot first are guilty of aggressive war which is a crime. They need to be brought before a judge and jury and pay the price for their actions. Killing children is murder. Murderers, regardless of how we choose to label them, need to be held to account for their actions. Labelling the murderers as "terrorist" or "soldier" doesn't change the fact that they are murderers.

  8. Ed Connell says:

    Like I said, I can't help you.  And if you think the one-sided media favors Israel, you must not be watching the major news outlets, or you've some a real warped sense of balance.  I used Cuba for a reason.  We could punish the hell out of them militarily for striking us as in no contest, but if they sign a peace treaty and keep bombing our towns, what the hell are you supposed to do?  That's what the Palestinians have done and will continue to do long past the time both of us are dead.  Until they and the rest of the Arab states wipe Israel off the face of the planet, they will not stop.  Can't you see that?  Are you that naive?  Last I checked, there's a whole lot of desert there those dozens of Arab states could give to those Terrorists.  Would that satisfy them?  Hell no.  Grow up and smell the coffee.

  9. Sheye Anne Blaze says:

    +Ed Connell — that's what they called my people, too. Terrorists. Heathens. Savages who only wanted revenge and would never stop. That's how the US justified slaughtering an already broken Native populace.

    And, I actually see quite a bit of sympathy for Israel.

    When it comes down to it — neither side wants peace, really. Palestinians because they are so brutally controlled and slaughtered at this point they feel like there are no options and Israel does it in the name of protecting it's citizens.

    I have sympathy for Israel and I even understand that they are a young nation of people who have themselves been persecuted and hunted and they are afraid. I understand that. I sympathize with that. But, it does not justify visiting similar treatment on the Palestinians and herding them into a Reservation (that is what it is) and then using some rather brutal control tactics to try to keep them "quiet.".

  10. Ed Connell says:

    Well, that used to be the way of the world, +Sheye Anne Blaze they fought until someone won, then made peace.  Peace is only possible when both sides want it.  Gray states can bitch about the same thing, but tough shyte, they lost and they're still part of the union, unless they want to start it back up.  Colonists I'm sure were called "terrorists" or "savages" by King George.  Point is, at some point people need to decide peace is better than getting killed.  That's how war and fighting stops.  Doesn't mean everyone is happy, in fact its obvious lots of gray states still harbor resentment, as do Native Americans, et al.  Point is pretty simple – Palestinians WILL NEVER WANT PEACE don't matter what you give them.  They want to destroy Israel, end of story.  I suppose they should be a bit thankful Israel doesn't decide to reciprocate in kind.  I think that's the point you're willing to forego – they have signed PEACE TREATYS over and over and over again – but they can't keep their people under control to make them worth anything more than the paper they're written on.

  11. Chris George says:

    +Ed Connell I think you have the peace treaty part right, just not the right players. Did you read the bit about how the military leader had just received the draft of the latest treaty when Israel decided to hit him with an airstrike which is what provoked the response from Hamas?

    It seems the Palestinians were working towards a new treaty and Israel, for whatever reason, didn't want to go any further down that road.

  12. Ed Connell says:

    If you're talking about a peace treaty that says Israel needs to give up X and Y and Z and unless they do, we keep bombing the hell out of them, again, that's not how it works.  Witness how much the left is throwing ticker tape parades so anxious to tell the republicans they all need to do exactly as Obama wants them to because he's president.  We all know that's now how it works, but it is a good illustration.  Israel is in the driver's seat, and the Palestinians don't get to connect all the dots.  Again, they don't want peace unless it includes wiping Israel off the face of the earth.  End of story.  They're doing the bidding for the other Arab states and we all know it.

  13. David Lazarus says:

    You can't fight a moral war. While it is a shame that innocents are hurt and killed, it's par for the course. Besides, it was Gaza that bombed Israel. They were reacting in order to prevent another attack.

    What would you do? Wait for Gaza or some other group to send more missiles over? Or fight back?

    Want to hear both sides? Well, there you go. Israel has been fighting to keep a piece of land the size of NJ to call their own for over 2000 years. The leadership in most neighboring countries want them dead and the land for themselves. What would you do if all of your neighbors kept vandalizing your house and threatening your family? Move? What if the land belonged to your family for several generations?

    The Israelis aren't the problem.

  14. David Lazarus says:

    +Sheye Anne Blaze – You're comparing the wrong people to Native Americans. The Palestinians have been offered land. They want more. More of the only land that Jewish people have to call their own. Rather than peacefully coexist, the Palestinians are constantly raising hell and killing innocents.

    Would someone please explain why you sympathize with them, but not Muslims? What? Is it because Muslims attacked us? Is that what it takes to become anti-something? Instead of being shocked and appalled by war propaganda, try educating yourself on Jewish history.

  15. Chris George says:

    +David Lazarus What would you do?

    For reasons of propaganda (Islamists are all terrorists) we never look at both sides in this or any other conflict around the world. A moral war? Start by arresting, trying and executing those who instigate them with no regard to race or nationality. Murdering scum are murdering scum. The colour of the uniform, or lack thereof should have no bearing on anything.


    Israel, lest we forget, instigated this resumption of missile exchanges last week when two Palestinian civilians were shot and killed and Israeli tanks intruded into Gaza, prompting Gaza militants to respond by targeting Israeli soldiers, which then gave Israel an excuse to unleash successive airstrikes. And Israel had numerous chances to pacify the situation, considering Hamas publicly offered to establish a total ceasefire and Egypt appeared about to broker a truce between the two. Israel has intentionally inched towards escalation from the beginning. Are we to believe this isn’t strategic?

  16. Steve Budan says:

    Re "The fact that the majority of the population in these countries see the Palestinians as terrorists simply reinforces how effective the media have been in leading us to foregone conclusions."

    Decades of watching Palestinian suicide bombers blowing up civilians, including women and children, is what has labeled them terrorists, not the media.

  17. Chris George says:

    +Steve Budan So what do you call the other side who uses the tools they have available, thanks to billions in annual military aid from the Empire?

  18. Ed Connell says:

    Only thing I would add +David Lazarus is don't encourage these type thinkers to side with the Muslims – given enough time, some folks will come around to believing Al Quida or however you spell it was justified in blowing up the twins.  Who are we kidding – I've already heard people say the US had it coming, and I guess those 3000+ innocent people did as well.

  19. Chris George says:

    Is it necessary to take sides?

    My entire point was that after 65 years of propaganda on this situation, our attitudes in the West have been skewed and our media continues the process today. Why is it necessary to attribute criticism of a psychopathic Israeli regime to support for a psychopathic resistance movement in the occupied territories?

    Could it be due to said propaganda? Could it be that we have been trained to think in a very polarized "all or nothing" manner? Can we not simply admit that both sides are fucking savages and move on? Base your ideas on the actions of both sides, not what you are told to think by our biased media.

    Dead children do not care about country or religion or hatred. Why we do is a mystery that could be addressed by simply lifting the veil of jingoistic lies we live with every day.

  20. Ed Connell says:

    Necessary, +Chris George of course not.  I would say it is wise to take sides, yes.  I draw the line when someone says a person or "collective persons" should be obliterated.  Our legal system to its credit has drawn the line, arguably not strongly enough, but there are I believe lines which just should not be crossed.  Nazi Germany I think demonstrates that yes, sides should be chosen.  If you can't see to choose one in that case or one like it, I'm not sure what to do for you or people who think like you.  Rest assured, I'm pretty certain that if these folks succeed in obliterating Israel they wouldn't stop there.  You my friend are considered an infidel, whether  you like it or not.  I imagine if someone close to you had their head lopped off like that poor man from West Chester not far from me, then you'd have some serious doubts about your current position.  At 49, I've seen enough from these people.  I think anyone who has any tendency toward thinking like they do should be automatically thrown in jail.  End of story.  No questions asked.  There's an infinite amount of difference between one religion that thinks you're gonna burn in hell after you're dead and one that prefers to take matters into their own hands while you're still alive here.

  21. Chris George says:

    +Ed Connell _At 49, I've seen enough from these people._

    You have seen it through the lens of the corporate media who have a vested interest in distorting the image. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. It all depends on the spin.

    Earlier you made it clear that you were not in favour of Christianity either. To compare the two religions now? Don't forget that Islam is seven hundred years younger than Christianity and 700 years ago the same and worse was happening to the people of the world in its name. Both are a blight, both hold us back from full humanity.

    What is your solution to the Islamic "problem" then? Complete obliteration? Or can we simply get away with supporting good old boys like the Shah, the Sheiks and Bibi to keep them subjugated for another generation using fear, terror, torture and murder to achieve our goals, our "safety"?

    I am anti-aggressive war. The first shot is the first shot. Shall we stroll back through history to find who is at fault? Or shall we simply look at who fires the first shot after each period of ceasefire or peace?

    Do we justify present atrocity based on past atrocity from the other side?

  22. Ed Connell says:

    Well, +Chris George I know enough from your postings you are all for peace and the well being of mankind.  Who can fault you for that?  And, yes, I and I assume you as well have to gather information from media sources and public school education etc all with their own spin on things.  Most of it, I could give a rats ass about.  Given all that, I need to use common sense as well.  I need to accept some things as reality like the World Trade Center, the life and death of Osama Bin Laden, and then I need to believe that Hitler lived and the crusades happened, and so on.  Can I or you or anyone else rewrite history?  Hell no.  I don't consider myself culpable for say what the colonists and the native americans quibbled about.  I think that was such a great input last night by what's her name.  Point is, unless two people or nations want to get along, they never will.  I think we should do whatever we can to help nations get along and find a peace.

    I don't speak Arab talk.  I haven't been to any of their countries.  However, I do believe they want to kill me.  I always will.  I wouldn't turn my back on any single one of them.  Just typing my opinion, I believe I open myself to one of them coming to my neighborhood and fulfilling their call to Allah the Great.  Yes, I wish I knew where my wife hid my piece.

    I feel sympathy for the Israeli's not those animals.  I can't imagine what it must be like to live knowing you've got a bullseye on you each day you wake up and never know if some nut Arab is going to walk down the street and blow you and your family up.  I'm proud our nation still takes a stand in support of their right to live in peace, and I hope someday they are able to.  I believe they want to live in peace.  The rest of those animals don't know a damn thing about peace and surely don't want to know what it means.  Yes, as someone said last night, a small piece of land the size of New Jersey.  I half wish our country would just give them New Jersey and tear down everything they've built there and walk away from it.

    Oh, my solution, other than trying to broker peace from people who want it, for the "Islamic" problem?  I don't know – I see them hating each other enough we can just ring fence them and double agent our way to feed them information and light infantry arms maybe some machetes and let them kill each other off.  Do I lose any sleep about the Syrians killing the Syrians, etc etc etc??? Hell NO!  Go at it you nutcases, please, and don't stop to ask questions.  Drop us a line when the very last "man" (term used quite loosely) is standing please…

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