I guess that makes me "others"

News items overwhelmingly focus on the rockets that have been fired from Gaza, none of which have caused human casualties. What is not in focus are the shellings and bombardments on Gaza, which have resulted in numerous severe and fatal casualties. It doesn't take an expert in media science to understand that what we are facing is at best shoddy and skewed reporting, and at worst willfully dishonest manipulation of the readership.

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Who is doing the killing in Gaza? Noam Chomsky and others challenge world’s media
Stop the War Coalition

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  1. Franklin Ford says:

    Whatever it takes to get ratings i guess!

  2. Ed Connell says:

    Ok, apparently Egypt who also has a long standing peace treaty  has now launched rockets into Israel.  And, if true this is justified why?  Because Israel killed a terrorist or two who was Arab?  Well, why doesn't Egypt open fire on Syria then?  Certainly there's plenty more people dying there if their primary concern is the  loss of innocent Arab lives.  Yes, I'm being silly because we all know that's not what's really going on.  Looks to me like the Arabs can't keep from killing themselves at the moment so they've decided amongst themselves to all start a war with Israel to get everybody focused on the common enemy rather than just their internal Arab enemies whatever the hell that stupid shit is all about.  Yes, that makes you the others.  Hopefully, they're in short supply.

  3. Nimra Iftikhar says:

    becuase israel is illegal and a terrorist.

  4. Ed Fernandez says:

    http://youtu.be/R5I0bN1OREE How about this video… Is it propaganda also?

  5. Nimra Iftikhar says:

    Israel is illegal, so nopoint arguing anything

  6. Ed Connell says:

    Thanks, +Nimra Iftikhar for coming out of the shadows to make my points for me.  Of course, I doubt +Chris George et al will be open minded enough to connect the dots as anyone with any real sense of humanity would.

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