The first signs of real change

"Citizens! Forgive us for not arresting those truly responsible for this crisis: bankers and politicians," read one banner.

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Thousands of Spanish police officers march against austerity (PHOTOS) — RT
Around 5,000 Spanish police officers marched through the streets of Madrid on Saturday to protest government austerity measures, including frozen pensions and the elimination of their Christmas bonuse…

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  1. Ed Connell says:

    lol elimination of their christmas bonus.  wah wah wah, cry me a river.  only a public employee.  my bonus was whacked years ago, no questions asked.  maybe I should have put on a silly mask to take a stand.

  2. Chris George says:

    +Ed Connell The big change in this story is that the bankers and technocrats won't be in charge much longer without muscle on the streets.

    What could OWS have become if the NYPD had joined them?

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