That would solve the corporate problem

What about government?

Why isn't the insurance industry already insisting on psychopathic screening of senior managers for the companies they are covering? The rationale would be straightforward: psychopathy is a leading indicator of illegal or reckless behavior. Psychopaths should be excluded from positions that legally require fiduciary responsibility in the same way that blind people are not allowed to be airline pilots.

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The Tyee – Who Can Stop Psychopaths from Ruining Companies? Insurers
Top execs devoid of consciences cost insurers big money. Tests could weed them out.

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  1. James Marcel says:

    In the book of the Road to Serfdom, the author points out that most high government offices attract psychopaths. The people wants to get things done, and psychopaths get them what they want without conscience.

  2. Daniel Graham says:

    Good idea!

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