15 years four gang raping an 11 year old girl

Life in prison for embarrassing a pretentious foreign policy analysis firm.

Glad we have our priorities straight.


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Four more men in gang rape of 11-year-old Texas girl sentenced to 15 years each
Four men who pleaded guilty in the repeated sexual assault of an 11-year-old Texas girl were each sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison, terms they agreed to in deals with prosecutors.

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  1. Jeff Pettorino says:

    The crime is the fact that these men could be paroled or released from prison. I thought Texas was the leader in Capital Punishment…what's wrong with this case, Texas?

  2. Chris George says:

    Up here in Canada you will get more time for growing pot than you will for forcing a five year old to have sex with a dog.

    Our priorities are fucked.

  3. Jeff Pettorino says:

    But…but…but Canada was my utopia to get away from commercial class-warfare torn America. =(

  4. deborah white says:

    Sorry, we are just the US of A's hat

  5. Tessa Schlesinger says:

    That's the problem with electing officials who have twisted values.

  6. Fjord Lynn says:

    Possible sentencing != sentencing != time served. I'd bet a bitcoin these guys actually serve more time in prison than Hammond.

    The big numbers when it comes to possible sentencing are simply about scaring people into capitulating to a plea. This is pretty common for new laws because they are designed with the input of DAs and of course the GA, and they just want their case load to be simple. The problem is that these possible sentences are so high that a rational innocent person would plea to them just to get a shot at reclaiming some of their life.

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