It is interesting that every story you hear about the economic past describes how…

It is interesting that every story you hear about the economic past describes how the US built its greatness on the free market but every individual instance of economic history that I read tells a story that is the exact opposite. The US built their economic power using the same model as the British. Resource colonization, empowerment of indigenous oligarchs and military repression of offshore manufacturing in the resource colonies. Tariffs and protectionism for home markets were the rule rather than the exception. The late 1800s and most of the 1900s in South and Central America are an instructive period in the economic history of the Americas. The example that totally blows the propaganda out of the water.

History is written not by the winners, but by those who have the most to gain by making sure they are never held to account.

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Those Who Control the Past Control the Future
There’s a popular historical legend that goes like this: Once upon a time, back in the 19th century, the United States economy was almost completely unregulated and laissez-faire.

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  1. Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu says:

    The two support one another. The fable and the process.

  2. Tessa Schlesinger says:

    Chris George, you have it exactly right.

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