What if?

Our elites would stop trying to preserve the little tiny bit of the planet they have behind their walled estates and get on with the destruction.

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What If NASA Could Figure Out the Math of a Workable Warp Drive?
A new line of research hopes to drastically reduce the amount of energy required for warping space-time, and get us to Alpha Centauri in just two weeks time.

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  1. David Hess says:

    Yep.  Why take care of this planet, when there are thousands of others out there we can pillage?

  2. Chris George says:

    +David Hess Finish pillaging this one and move somewhere with less riff raff puling and moaning about how they need air and water to live.

  3. Fjord Lynn says:

    Someone else on another forum recently postulated that the reason there is money being put into things like Mars colonization, improving life in the third world, and seascaping is because rich people are finding the political environment less tolerant towards their wealth.

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